Daisy - March 2017

Daisy came into BDRA because her owners were going to put her down because she went blind. The doctor called BDRA instead.

Daisy is a sweetheart who doesn't know what to do with the cats in her foster house, but she is curious about them and doesn't hurt them. She loves her foster brother, but not her Foster sister (dogs) so much.

Daisy loves to snuggle and spend time in the back yard exploring. She gives kisses sparingly, but will let you rub her tummy until your hand falls off.  Foster mom works from home and Daisy lays next to her on the couch because she likes to be in the middle of the action and is readily available for tummy rubs!

Please contact Blind Dog Rescue Alliance for more information on how to adopt Daisy.

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

  • PO Box 63401
  • Philadelphia, PA 19114




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